Yes, We sell Funnel Cakes Too!  - Porter Sanford Theater-Decatur, GA

Funnel Cakes

Enjoy one of our original, made from scratch funnel cakes. Flavors: Funnel ice Dream, Strawberries-N-Cream, Chocolate Surprise, Apple Cinnamon Crumb, Oreo Cookies, Red Velvet and Powder Plain; need we say more :) Everybody Loves Funnel Cakes!

Christian T-Shirts

What better way to express your faith and belief than with a faith-inspired t-shirt.  Great conversation starter about our Savior; Jesus Christ.  Super soft material, retail fit and premium quality from Christian T-Shirts Co. Bella Canvas and Next Level Brands

Stage Plays

The Guthrie Dinner Theater Company is an extension of Terriney TV, which provides Christian programs, theater shows and videos for children. The Theater company fully encompasses entertainment that is best described as one-stop-shop entertainment for Atlanta's theatergoers. 

Enjoy a Funnel Cake

Our signature funnel cakes are made from scratch; no box ingredients here :)  We top our piping hot cakes with fresh strawberries, freshly crushed Oreos, apple pie filing with organic cinnamon spices and ice cold vanilla ice-cream. 

Premium Apparel

When you support with a t-shirt from our five-star Etsy shop you can rest assured you're getting premium brands such as Bella Canvas, Next Level and Gildan Brands for our hoodie collection.  Jesus and the Superheros is our staple favorite and a best seller on Etsy

Atlanta Theater

 The Guthrie Dinner Theater Company is an extension of Terriney TV,.Basically, with a single ticket, you will experience a dynamic stage play, stand-up comedy, spoken word, live music as well as a free dinner (which includes dessert).