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Church Folk image courtesy of Guthrie Dinner Theater

The Guthrie Dinner Theater Company is an extension of Terriney TV, which provides Christian programs, theater shows and videos for children. The Theater company fully encompasses entertainment that is best described as one-stop-shop. Basically, with a single ticket, you will experience a dynamic stage play, stand-up comedy,  spoken word, live music as well as a free dinner (which includes dessert). There is no other venue within the greater Atlanta area that is able to offer such an exclusive package to its patrons. There are no memberships to purchase, nor will you be forced to sit through subpar performances.

Stand-Up Comedy Set

Our hilarious comedy-set features Atlanta’s best comics. Our comics deliver a professional set filled with improv, personalization and so much more!! Pure CLEAN comedy at it’s finest!

FREE Dinner & Dessert

Your choice of crispy southern fried chicken entree or savory ziti casserole. Each entree is served with fresh brewed iced tea or water and a dessert

Live Music
Yes, we’ve got LIVE music too! We offer the best in Atlanta when it comes to upscale party music. Our song list will explode with that old school flare as the band croon you into our dynamic stage production!

The Dynamic Show: Money, greed, power and deception heighten the tension of rebellion and secrets of the Barrington Family. Deep rooted deception fuels the tempers and emotions of a privileged empire. Rose toils to save one side of her family while watching a lifetime of secrets destroy the other.

Only at Guthrie Dinner Theater