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The Funnel Cake Shoppe

The Funnel Cake Shoppe is the mobile fundraising arm at Terriney TV.  We drop made-from-scratch funnel cake dough into piping hot oil to create delicious signature funnel cakes.

Proceeds are used for stage productions at Terriney TV & Performing Arts.  We bring the nostalgia of the local state fair as we top our rare delicacies with fresh ingredients and real fruit toppings.  

Our original signature flavors include: Strawberries and Cream, Chocolate Surprise, Oreo Cookies N’ Creme, Red Velvet, Apple Cinnamon Crumb and Funnel Ice Dream.  

Serving Funnel Cakes|Porter Sanford Theater
Filming Faith Academy|Fernbank Middle School
Brandon Guthrie | Intercontinental Hotel-Atlanta Casting

Guthrie Dinner Theater

Guthrie Dinner Theater is a one-stop-shop for Atlanta’s theatergoers! Upon entering, you will be transported to a Vaudeville-esque time, where entertainment was king and value was expected. Our performance locations are that of mid-scale dining and upscale entertainment. With your reservation you get; a dynamic stage play, dinner & dessert, live music, stand-up comedy and spoken word poetry. “I will continue to pen modern plays with a unique blend of comedy and spirituality and I thank everyone on this journey for making each evening an unforgettable one.” – Terriney Guthrie-Bridges