Terriney TV & Performing Arts

Christian Media for Children
Mitchell Lipsiner, DP, Terriney TV

This is where you can find some commonly asked questions regarding our organization, fundraisers and video content.

What is Terriney TV?

Terriney TV is a non-profit media organization that creates Christian media and stage productions for children. 

Is there a fee to participate on Terriney TV Programs?

inNo, there are no fees to participate..

When are auditions held?

Auditions are held on a per project basis. To get the latest information on our next project, click on the Auditions sub-page under the Terriney TV page.

Is there payment for roles?

Terriney TV does not pay children to participate on our video programs. All actors are recognized as volunteers contributing gifts and talent to spread God’s word. 

What are the fundraisers for?

In order to deliver quality content fundraisers are organized to cover expenses encurred by the organization; website, email support, designers, advertising, event fees, filming crew etc. 

Where can Terriney TV programs be watched?

Terriney TV can currently be viewed online on Cross TV Christian media. 


How can I Volunteer?

Volunteers can sign up on the volunteers sub-page under Terriney TV.  Due to the nature of our organization, all volunteers must agree to a background investigation prior to joining the volunteer team. 


 Are parents allowed on the set?

Yes, we encourage parents to stay on set during rehearsals and filming.  Parents are never allowed to drop kids off for rehearsals, filming or stage shows; you must remain with your children at all times. Due to spacing and in an effort to limit distractions we do ask that only one adult remain on the set with the actor(s).